Like most bands the personnel of the group often lies within family links and friends acquired along the way via mutual passions. Tillerman is no different, Jon (Lead Vox/Guitar) and Tom (Drums/Vox) are brothers who have jammed together for years whilst growing up. Jon was introduced to Shaun (Lead Guitar) through work whilst at Uni and Tom worked alongside Iain (Bass) at a well known restaurant chain. Through this union ‘Satellite’ was born, the group’s first incarnation. They gigged and recorded around the Leeds scene for some time. That period was also a time of finding a band identity and sound, struggling to find a place between classic rock and modern pop. The band took a natural hiatus in 2011 as each member went off to get ‘real’ jobs and follow their existing careers. The musical and creative itch needs to be scratched so in 2018 the full lineup reunited and new music was written. The time spent apart had allowed for musical maturity and a realisation of the bands strengths which now defines their sound. A new band was born – Tillerman!

Tilerman’s sound is dominated by the band’s pop melodies, the unique harmony sound only brothers or siblings can enjoy, such as the Everly Brothers and The Carpenters. On top of this is the layers of distinctive and creative guitar provided by Shaun Mallia and underpinned by the rhythmic baselines of Iain.